3 Reasons It May Be Time To Switch Your Auto Insurance Carrier

In a perfect world, every account you have will be perfectly balanced, have exceptional customer service representatives, and services will automatically fluctuate to meet your needs. Unfortunately, you don't live in a perfect world and must do a bit of work to get the best service provider for your needs, including auto insurance. When you're in doubt if it's time to adjust your auto insurance carrier, check out these three definite reasons to switch.

1. You're Completely Mobile

This is a technically driven society. Unfortunately, if you're dealing with a small independent insurance agency, their website may not be what you are expecting. Even worse, they may not have a mobile app for you to use while on the go. Many people enjoy the convenience of mobile apps and website portals enabling them to

  • Make payments online
  • Chat and email securely with customer service representatives
  • Check the status of a claim
  • Update personal information

Having these features easily accessible at your fingertips allows you to effectively manage your insurance policy 24/7.

2. Their Customer Service isn't So Customer-oriented

Unfortunately, you'll find some people or online sites making recommendations to insurance carriers who haven't had that one-on-one experience with their customer service department. If you're having problems with a claim or any other run-ins with customer service, it may be time to switch your auto insurance carrier. After obtaining quotes online, contact the customer service department on the side before making any decisions. At least see how friendly they appear in answering any questions you may have.

3. Major Life Changing Events

There are life-changing events that may require you to update your auto insurance policy. Sometimes your current company just can't offer the best deal, even with a multi-line discount. Check out these following three instances:

  • If you are buying a new car, it may be more expensive to cover it with your current carrier. Also, another company may offer a better deal, such as new car replacement coverage should something happen to it.
  • If you move to a new state, your auto insurance provider may be available nationwide. However, their rates could increase greatly across the border.
  • If you are purchasing a home, your auto insurance carrier may not offer the best bundled rate.

The above three instances are key reasons it may be time to switch auto insurance carriers. Start by requesting auto insurance quotes and comparing all services they have that fit your needs. For more information, contact a business such as Colling Insurance Services, Inc.