5 Ways To Avoid Paying Too Much In Home Insurance For Your Pooch

Are you worried that getting a dog will increase your home insurance policies? You should be -- dogs are one of the major factors that increase insurance premiums. In fact, dog bites are one of the major sources of home insurance claims, leading dogs to constitute a major risk.

The only way to avoid this is to plan ahead of time:

1. Get Separate Dog Liability Insurance

This may seem contrary to your goals, but sometimes to reduce your overall cost of insurance, you need to purchase more insurance. Few people have specialized dog liability insurance, so the rates are actually quite low. Having dog liability insurance will adjust your home insurance premiums, as your home insurance provider will no longer be on the hook for your dog's mishaps.

2. Avoid Certain Breeds

Every insurance provider has a list of dog breeds that it either charges more for or bans outright. These breeds usually include Akitas, American Pit Bull Terriers and German Shepherd Dogs. Check with your insurance provider before getting a new dog. Sometimes you may be able to save money just by switching insurance providers. 

3. Get Smaller Dogs

Some insurance providers will figure out their premiums based on the size of the dog. Having a smaller dog can be beneficial for a variety of reasons -- they can be easier to manage and easier to take care of -- but they are also less likely to injure someone even if they do bite them.

4. Invest in Behavior Training

The worst thing that can happen to your home insurance policy's costs is for your dog to bite someone! In many states, if a dog bites someone, it will need to be put down. The danger is even greater if the dog has a prior history of aggression. Invest in some behavior training to head this off early; a well-behaved dog is a happy and inexpensive dog.

5. Install a Fence

If someone walks through your yard and gets bitten by your dog, you'll still be considered liable for the injury. In some states, this is true even if the person was trespassing on your property! Installing a fence will help you in avoiding these issues -- and having a fence will usually lower your insurance premiums.

The best way to get started is to contact an independent insurance agent. Most of them will already have a list available of pet-friendly insurance providers -- and they'll be able to tell you which dog breeds are the best to reduce your insurance costs. Have more questions? Contact a company like White Hoskins Agency with any questions you have.