Will Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Both Giant Monsters And Little Things?

When the bulk of your net worth comes from owning a home, having the appropriate amount of homeowners insurance in place is a must to protect the investment. Procuring the proper insurance policy often centers on looking at the risks most common risks to the location in which your home is located. Has the area near your home been stomped on in the past by Kaiju Eiga (giant monsters) of Godzilla and Ultraman fame? If so, make sure you have the right coverage in your policy to deal with any damage caused by both these rampaging creatures and other common hazards.

Make No Assumptions

Assumptions about a policy containing the proper coverage could be more disastrous that a Kaiju battle royale.

Case in point, assuming that a Kaiju attack devastating your home falls under the heading of a natural disaster could lead to a very unwelcome surprise when the time comes to file a claim. As a rule, always get confirmation in advance of what does and does not fall under a specific category.

While the creature may have started out as normal lizards, exposure to radiation may have mutated them into giants. The original 16 inch lizard may have been natural, but the radiation infused giant is about as unnatural as humanly (monsterly?) possible. Trying to file a Kaiju-damage claim based on a natural disaster provision could lead to a claim rejection and financial devastation.

Such an event does not even have to be as dramatic as a Kaiju attack. A flood caused by damage in a sewer line is definitely not the same as flooding from a river or the ocean. Are you covered for all kinds of floods? Do not assume you are. Get clarification from your homeowners insurance provider to avoid being uninsured in the advent of a calamity.

Take Preventive Steps

Other than the coverage not being adequate, you could be denied for failure to take adequate preventive measures to protect the property from damage. Performing a little research into what keeps Kaiju away from certain homes may very well factor into whether or not your home is targeted during a monster romp. Has it been established that the creatures are attracted to the smell of rotting garbage? If so and you do not take steps to cover up rotting food that attracts them, your claim might be denied.

Avoid overlooking the little things. Have an inspection done to look for damage on the roof or other structural problems on the house. This way, the deficiencies could be addressed before a major rain or snow storm, and the chances of a denial for lack of preventive steps are reduced.

A Last Bit of Advice

It doesn't matter whether a giant monster or a small storm hits your home. The key point here is you need to be sure the homeowners insurance policy will cover the damage. For more information, contact The Selzer Company or a similar organization.