Truths To Help Your Quest Of Saving Money On Auto Insurance

Auto insurance forms a major part of many households' expenses, so it makes sense everybody is always looking for ways to cut it down. The truth is that knowledge is power when it comes to reducing auto insurance rates. There are a few hidden truths you should know to help you trim down the costs. Here are some of these truths:

Safety Gadgets Score Big

According to, safety-related features and gadgets matter a lot when it comes to getting discounts from auto insurers. Here are four examples of these safety features:

  • Automatic seatbelts
  • Antilock brakes (they maintain tire traction to prevent skidding)
  • Rearview cameras
  • Tracking systems

Anything that reduces your risk of accident, theft, or damage may score you a discount. However, individual insurers are at liberty to decide which safety feature to rank high. Confirm with your agent what matters to their firm.

Insurers Aren't Under Obligation to Mention Discounts

Getting discounts is one of the best ways of lowering your car insurance rates; it's in your best interest to enjoy all that you qualify for. However, this is only possible if you know all of the discounts offered by your insurer, which is not always an easy thing. After all, auto insurers aren't obligated to disclose all the discounts available to their insurers. In fact, don't count on getting the information from your insurer's website; it might not be there.

So how do you get the information? The best way is to talk to your insurance agent; he or she has a complete list of all the possible discounts you can get. So if you wish to know whether your driver improvement course will get you a discount, your agent is the one to ask.

Asking For Clarification May Be Considered A Claim

As you know, the more claims you make, the more likely your rates may go up when you renew your policy. What you should add to this knowledge is that your rates may go up even if you make a call to get more information about a loss, even if you don't actually file a claim.

The trick to avoiding this damage, but still get the information you need, is to make a general call to the insurer. Don't make it as if you have suffered a loss and wanted to gauge whether you can claim it. Instead, put it in a way that the insurer thinks you are asking about a hypothetical situation or just want to understand your policy better.

For more information about how you can lower your insurance rates, contact a local insurance agency, such as D A Insurance Brokers.