Three Critical Types Of Auto Insurance You Need

There are countless types of auto insurance that can cover you and your car when accidents happen. Sitting down with an auto insurance expert is the best way to go over all the different insurance packages available that will offer you the best protection possible. Here are three critical types of auto insurance every driver should have on their policy.

Liability Insurance

You are required to have some type of liability insurance on your policy. This insurance will cover the cost of damage from any accidents that you were found to be at fault for. For instance, if you crash into the side of a house or slide off the road into a building, then liability insurance will cover the cost of the repairs to the building. Liability insurance will also protect other drivers that get into an accident with you, should they require any type of repairs to their vehicle.

Personal Injury Insurance

Another critical type of insurance that you need is personal injury insurance, as it will cover the cost of any medical attention that is required due to any injuries sustained in an accident. A personal injury insurance policy will protect the driver and passenger of a vehicle from paying out-of-pocket for injury-related expenses, including rehabilitation, lost wages and any hospital bills. This is absolutely necessary because if you do not have a policy in place and someone riding with you is injured, you will be responsible for paying all their medical expenses, which could amount to thousands of dollars that you are solely responsible for paying.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive insurance is a type of insurance that you need in the event that your car is scratched in a parking lot. This covers any type of damage that the car sustains that was not directly related to a car accident. Theft and fire are covered under a comprehensive insurance policy, as well as natural disasters caused by weather, like flooding or potential debris that may fall on your car during a storm. Using comprehensive coverage would not count as a strike against your driving record, but it would still allow you to get the cost of your vehicle covered by the insurance company; all you would be responsible for is the deductible.

Call around the various auto insurance companies in your area, like Montana First Insurance Inc. to get a quote on the different insurance packages you need.