Thinking About Skipping Out On Insurance?

Not getting car insurance isn't illegal in every state, but it still poses risks. The costs of not having insurance involve more than just being a really careful driver and pocketing a few extra dollars every month, but if you're looking for reasons to ditch your policy or not get a policy at all, take a look at a few risks that could keep you on the safer side.

Careful Drivers Can Still Rack Up Fines

This won't be a lecture about how the other drivers may not be careful. It's true that an accident can still happen to you even if you're driving perfectly, but if you're still considering going without insurance, think about other things that could happen to your car.

You don't have to be driving to be involved in an accident. If you're at a store parking lot or any parking area, your car is at the mercy of drivers who may not be the best at parking. Although you could hope that the world is full of honest people who would own up to denting your car with a swinging door, scratching the side as they get too close, or hitting your bumper while trying to turn, the world isn't always so honest.

If your car is involved in a hit-and-run without you in it and without evidence or witnesses, the repairs are yours alone to handle. With a proper insurance policy, those dents and scrapes can be covered either completely or with a smaller difference paid by you.

Do Others Drive Your Car?

Even if you're confident in your driving abilities, what if you have to loan out your car to someone? A car insurance policy with added liability can cover specific persons, or your could get a policy that would cover anyone else in the driver's seat.

The situation comes up often enough, and accidents can happen fairly easily with someone else behind the wheel. If it's not their car and they're not used to how it handles, over-correcting on the road, not having the right feel of the gas, or being startled by the brake handling can lead to accidents before the other person gets used to the handling.

Without insurance or proper options on your insurance policy, you won't be covered for the damages and will instead have to go through the effort of getting money out of an acquaintance or family member. It isn't always easy, and taking the issue to court is more time taken out of your day. Avoid the added time, costs, and drama by contacting a home and auto insurance agent to discuss a policy that fits your situation.

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