2 Options That Can Save You Money on Your Auto Insurance

One of the most important and common forms of insurance that you can purchase is auto insurance. Your vehicle can be one of your most expensive investments; therefore, it is in your best interests to protect it. However, just because your auto insurance is such an important purchase does not mean that you shouldn't go out and look for the best possible price on your auto insurance. Listed below are two options that can save you money on your auto insurance policy.

Low Mileage Discounts

One of the easiest ways to save a bit of money on your auto insurance is to attempt to qualify for a low mileage discount. Now, a low mileage discount is typically offered if you can prove to the insurance company that you typically drive your vehicle less frequently than the average driver. In many cases, the number of miles you can drive in order to qualify for a low mileage discount will vary quite a bit between insurance providers, with some providers allowing you to drive up to 12,000 to 15,000 miles a year in order to qualify for low mileage discount.

This option is ideal if you are only planning on driving the insured vehicle to and from work and have a fairly short commute every day. This is also a good option to consider if you are planning on insuring a second vehicle that will only ever be used for the occasional weekend drive, road trip, or just running errands around town. However, you will want to make sure that you stay under the mileage limit as many of these insurance companies will require you to report the mileage on your car fairly regularly in order to keep the low mileage discount.

Monitored Plan

Another way to save money on your auto insurance is to consider taking part in a monitored insurance plan. A monitored insurance plan typically involves the insurance company providing you with a small device that you can install on your vehicle that will report your driving habits to the insurance company. The device will report everything from how closely you follow other vehicles on the road to how often you were speeding and how hard you tend to brake.

In many cases, you will receive a discount on your insurance policy simply for agreeing to take part in this type of insurance plan. Once the devices installed, the insurance company will often adjust your insurance rates fairly regularly based on the information received from the device that you install on your vehicle. If you are a safe driver, then the information reported by the device will often cause your insurance rates to drop dramatically.

Contact an auto insurance agent like those at LA Insurance to discuss which types of insurance plans and discounts you can qualify for in order to save a bit of money every month on your auto insurance. Both low mileage discounts and monitored insurance plans are great ways to reduce your monthly auto insurance costs.