Comic Book Shops Need A Heroic Commercial Property Insurance Policy In Place

Comic book shop owners know they must present an awesome, inspiring interior display in order to draw in customers. Adorning the walls of the shop with rare and pricey comic books helps create a great impression. Shelves filled with model kits and licensed busts of major D.C., Marvel, and anime characters further adds to the cool look. Adding roleplaying game nights further contributes to the special nature of the shop. With so many buyers purchasing their comics and other merchandise online, comic book stores really have to work hard to make the store a wonderful place to step inside. Shop owners do need to understand all these cool things do come with loss liabilities and those liabilities need to be addressed in a comprehensive policy.

High Shelves and High Property Risks

New comics usually arrive on a set delivery day every week. Popular stores get a lot of loyal customers flooding into the store on those days. All this is great, but there are more responsibilities associated with a crowd than selling stuff to one. Staying on top of what everyone is doing inside of a comic book shop when the store is filled to capacity with buyers is tough. So is preventing damage. All those costly $200 models and busts on top of a shelf may come with slim profits. If a customer reaches up towards that shelf and creates a mishap leading that top shelf to come loose, the various models, statues, and all their profits and costs of acquisition are gone. Well, they will be without insurance.

Low Profits and High Expenditures

Acquiring assembled model kits at $180 and selling at $200 is obviously not a high profit margin. Buying 10 of these models is an $1,800 investment and it could take 18 months to sell them. The presence of those kits does have marketing potential so one or two new customers impressed by the models could pay for the cost of the models within a few months thanks to the new business they bring. Broken model kits, however, ruin that strategy. Properly insuring the model kits does protect the value of these items from total loss due to damage.

Commercial Property Insurance Saves the Day

A commercial property insurance policy covers -- among other things -- content losses. Properly ascertaining the value of costly merchandise in the store and procuring a policy that covers the merchandise from many different loss scenarios is a must. An accepted loss claim would then help a comic shop avoid all the fiscal losses associated with an unfortunate mishap.