Told You Need To Get SR-22 Insurance After Your DUI Conviction? Here’s What That Means

Being arrested for a DUI charge is embarrassing and troublesome enough, but after you've handled that case you've still got to deal with further consequences of your actions. You might be able to start driving again, only to be told that you need to get SR-22 insurance or more accurately, have an SR-22 certificate filed so that you can prove you've got car insurance. If that sounds confusing, keep reading for answers to questions you might be thinking about.

What is an SR-22 Certificate?

Sometimes called "SR-22 insurance", the SR-22 is in fact the completed document that proves a carrier has approved a car insurance policy for you. This certificate is usually needed when someone's license was revoked, they caused a car collision, they had too many points on their license, they had a DUI conviction, or otherwise had serious car-related problems.

If you do need this certificate before you are allowed to drive, the insurance company will need to send this document to your state's Motor Vehicle Commission; you cannot just send it over yourself. That's because the Motor Vehicle Commission wants to ensure that the document is real.

How Do I Get One?

In order to take care of the SR-22 requirement, you'll have to contact insurance carriers and explain your DUI conviction. They will likely already be aware that you'll need an SR-22, so they will take the rest of your information and provide you with a quote for coverage. The premium cost they give you might be shocking, as this type of insurance costs much more than standard coverage.

If you are concerned with being able to afford the new policy, there are many steps you can take. Just as you can lower standard insurance costs, you can make adjustments that may slightly decrease the cost of a SR-22 related insurance policy. For example, you can go through the policy and refuse add-ons and extras that you know you don't need, such as rental car service. You can also work to arrange car-pooling with others or plan to take public transportation sometimes; if you do this, your insurance costs might go down, as the car will not be driven as much. Once you act to get the cost of the premium down, the entire policy cost may be more manageable.

Now that you've got a clearer understanding of what is involved with the SR-22 certificate, start talking to insurance agents in town, like those from Angel Auto Insurance. They can give you the guidance you need to finally return to the driver's seat.