4 Tips For Saving Money On Your Automobile Policy

NerdWallet calculated that the national average cost for full coverage for a good driver with good credit in April of 2023 came to $2148/year or $179/month. Drivers with accidents or a DUI on the record or poor credit will likely pay even more. When the costs become too much, you can try these 4 tips for saving money on your car insurance policy.

1. Bundle Multiple Policies 

Many insurance companies offer multiple types of insurance policies to cover all of your insurance needs, including homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance, boat insurance, and commercial insurance. When you get all of your policies through one company, you may receive a bundle discount. While not offered by every insurance company, most companies will give you a 5% - 20% discount for bundling. The discount will vary based on the policies you need and the company.

2. Only Pay For Coverage You Need

Auto insurance covers damage in an overwhelming amount of situations. Many companies have packages that include the most popular options for drivers like you. However, you aren't like all of the other drivers on the road. You have unique needs and may not want everything offered in a company's recommended package. When you notice this happening to you, change to a company that offers customizable coverage that you can build yourself. 

3. Ask About Discounts 

You may qualify for discounts you didn't know were available to you. Take the time to learn more about the discounts available through your insurance company and take advantage of them. 

Some of the most popular discounts include:

  • Senior Discount
  • Honor Roll Student Discount
  • Military Discount
  • Teacher Discount

Your insurance company may even have programs designed to lower your bill over time with a proven record of good driving. 

4. Drive Safely 

The most effective way to keep your insurance rates down is to drive safely. Drive defensively when you encounter other vehicles, and stay alert. Avoid substances that may impair your driving and lead to a criminal charge. Finally, you should get regular maintenance on your car and tend to repairs before they become a hazard on the road. 

Still, accidents happen to even the best drivers. That's what your insurance is for. However, you'll need to keep in mind that your insurance rates will go up after each claim. On average, insurance rates go up after an at-fault accident, so be mindful of your driving at all times.

For more information about choosing an auto insurance policy, contact a local company.