Roles Of Auto Insurance Agents Vs. Adjusters

Auto insurance adjusters and agents are critical in the insurance industry, but the two have different roles. Below is an overview of their respective roles.

Agent Roles

Your insurance agent is the salesperson who helps you buy coverage and maintain your relationship with your auto insurance company. A captive agent works exclusively with one insurance company and cannot help you with other companies' policies. An independent agent works with multiple insurance companies.

Below are the specific roles of agents.

Prospecting for Clients

Insurance agents look for clients that need and can buy coverage. As such, an agent will explain different forms of coverage, help you look for discounts, and even help you buy a policy. The agent should also advise you on the best coverage and help you customize it.

Even when an agent sells a company's products and services, they have your best interest. The agent should get you a policy that best fits your needs.

Addressing Client Questions and Concerns

Your relationship with the agent continues even after you buy coverage through them. For example, the agent should also help you understand concerns about an insurance company, policy, coverage, or terms and conditions.

Say you want to modify your car, but you are not sure whether you should inform the insurance company or whether it will accept the modifications. You can talk to your agent about your concerns and queries.

Filing Claims

Lastly, the agent can also help you file a claim in case of an accident or incident. Say someone vandalizes your car, and you are unsure how to get compensation from your insurance company, or you don't have the time. The agent can help you fill out the paperwork and haste the process.

Adjuster Roles

Adjusters help insurance companies to settle claims. Thus, an adjuster's work only begins when someone files a claim. Unlike an agent who works for their client, the adjuster's role is to protect the insurance company's best interests. Below are the specific roles of auto insurance adjusters.

Inspecting Damage and Approximating Costs

The adjuster is your insurance company's face if you file a claim. The company will send the adjuster to investigate the accident, evaluate the car, and assess your injuries. The adjuster uses the information to determine your claim's value.

Negotiating Compensation Packages

Many people won't accept their carrier's first compensation offer, and the carriers know this. The adjuster will negotiate your settlement and get you to accept the lowest possible offer. Expect a lot of back-and-forth between you and the adjuster during claim evaluation and settlement.