3 Tips For Choosing Home Insurance

If you own your home, home insurance is something that you should not skimp on. Protecting your biggest asset should be a priority. There are numerous home insurance providers to choose from, and online tools and quotes make finding a policy a simpler task. However, even with all of today's easy-to-access information, finding the best fit may still be a challenge. Here are three tips that will help you find the best homeowner's insurance for your property. Read More 

How To Switch To A New Car Insurance Provider

Do you feel like your car insurance bills keep rising? Does it seem like you pay way too much for your coverage? If you feel like this, you can switch to a different provider at any time, and you do not have to wait for your policy to end. Here are the steps you must complete to switch to a new provider if you are unhappy with your current auto insurance provider. Read More 

What To Ask Before Choosing A Policy

Are you a first-time car insurance buyer? Whether you're a new driver or just made your first auto investment, take a look at the questions to ask before you select a policy. Does the Insurance Meet Your State's Minimum Requirements? Insurance minimum requirements vary by state. This means the policy your friend has in another state may not look the same as the policy you need to buy.  Talk to an insurance agent to learn more about what the policy minimums are in your area. Read More 

Home Insurance For First-Time Home Buyers

As a first-time home buyer, there are probably several crucial things you don't know about home insurance. Below are some of the insurance issues you should know even before buying a house. Buy Before Closing If you are buying the home on a mortgage, as many people do, then you need your home insurance coverage in place before you can close the purchase process. This is a typical requirement for most mortgage lenders. Read More 

Told You Need To Get SR-22 Insurance After Your DUI Conviction? Here’s What That Means

Being arrested for a DUI charge is embarrassing and troublesome enough, but after you've handled that case you've still got to deal with further consequences of your actions. You might be able to start driving again, only to be told that you need to get SR-22 insurance or more accurately, have an SR-22 certificate filed so that you can prove you've got car insurance. If that sounds confusing, keep reading for answers to questions you might be thinking about. Read More