3 Ways Your Home Owner’s Insurance Can Impact Your Taxes

Make sure you pay attention to how you use your homeowner's insurance policy throughout the year; you may be able to get a break on your taxes. Here are the top three ways that most people benefit tax-wise from having homeowner's insurance:  Home Office Deduction If you work from home and have a dedicated space in your home that you use only for the purpose of work, you may be able deduct part of your homeowner's insurance policy. Read More 

Inventory Of Your Valuables – Why Is It So Important?

Each year, you should take the time to do a complete inventory of the contents of your home for your homeowners insurance policy. This inventory list is what your homeowners insurance company will refer to when and if you file a claim with them to cover the loss of your belongings. Why does this process need to be repeated each year? There are three main reasons that you must take inventory each year: Read More 

6 Ways To Save Money On Your Commercial Business Insurance

Commercial insurance, which is often called business insurance, can be expensive. As a business owner, you want to make money, but if your costs are too high, they can cut into your profits. Nevertheless, commercial insurance is a necessity. Here are a few tips to lower the cost of your commercial insurance: Choose a Higher Deductible As long as you maintain enough extra money in your business account to cover a higher out-of-pocket expense from an insurance claim, consider increasing your deductible amount. Read More 

When Cars Collide: What To Do After A Parking Lot Accident

One of every five motor vehicle accidents takes place in a parking lot, and 14% of all accident damage claims stem from these collisions. Determining liability in a parking lot accident is difficult because the lots are private property. If you are involved in such a collision, you will need to take steps to protect yourself and ensure that you receive the proper compensation.   Causes Parking lots are the site of so many accidents because they are chaotic places. Read More 

Will Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Both Giant Monsters And Little Things?

When the bulk of your net worth comes from owning a home, having the appropriate amount of homeowners insurance in place is a must to protect the investment. Procuring the proper insurance policy often centers on looking at the risks most common risks to the location in which your home is located. Has the area near your home been stomped on in the past by Kaiju Eiga (giant monsters) of Godzilla and Ultraman fame? Read More