5 Ways To Avoid Paying Too Much In Home Insurance For Your Pooch

Are you worried that getting a dog will increase your home insurance policies? You should be -- dogs are one of the major factors that increase insurance premiums. In fact, dog bites are one of the major sources of home insurance claims, leading dogs to constitute a major risk. The only way to avoid this is to plan ahead of time: 1. Get Separate Dog Liability Insurance This may seem contrary to your goals, but sometimes to reduce your overall cost of insurance, you need to purchase more insurance. Read More 

3 Reasons It May Be Time To Switch Your Auto Insurance Carrier

In a perfect world, every account you have will be perfectly balanced, have exceptional customer service representatives, and services will automatically fluctuate to meet your needs. Unfortunately, you don't live in a perfect world and must do a bit of work to get the best service provider for your needs, including auto insurance. When you're in doubt if it's time to adjust your auto insurance carrier, check out these three definite reasons to switch. Read More 

4 Life Changes That You Need To Tell Your Car Insurance Agent About

As a vehicle owner, you probably don't have too many personal conversations with your car insurance agent. You might call if you have a question about your bill or a claim that is related to your vehicle, but your conversations with your agent probably pretty much end there. However, there are some situations when you need to get a little personal and tell your insurance agent about what's going on in your life. Read More 

3 Steps You Can Take To Secure A Lower Auto Insurance Quote

Are you tired of shopping around for more affordable auto insurance only to find yourself receiving one high quote after another? If so, it may be time to start doing things a little differently. Rather than expecting to find a lower rate simply by changing insurance companies, you will need to take action to change the way all insurance companies look at you. Thankfully, accomplishing this task can be much easier than you think. Read More